Friday, October 30, 2015

Wisconsin Badgers Need a New Quarter Back As Soon As Possible

Badgers Joel Stave
For his career, current Badgers starting quarterback Joel Stave has a record of 23-8. He has a completion percentage of 59.7, 5,614 passing yards, 43 touchdowns, and 28 interceptions. Just for the record, that is a very poor touchdown to interception ratio. At the core, other than the interceptions, the numbers aren't exactly the worst out there. However, in the world of collegiate athletics, it is a known fact that you need to look underneath the numbers in order to get the truth. By looking both underneath and past the numbers, we find the ugly truth here, Joel Stave is just, plain, terrible.

There are many throws that Stave can't make. I know, I know, at the collegiate level that is to be expected, as most quarterbacks will never play a down in the NFL much less start at the next level, so you can't expect them to be able to make “all the throws”. But still, your quarterback should contribute to your win, or at the very least not get in the way. That is where we have a problem with Stave. Joel Stave doesn't really contribute much to Badgers wins. In fact, the Badgers usually win in spite of Stave getting in the way many times of their attempt to win the game with his poor decisions, and inability to make throws. At this point, you could even ask the question, is Joel Stave improving? Well, not only is he not improving, he seems to be getting worse and worse.

Last year the Badgers tried to switch quarterbacks to TannerMcEvoy, but that didn't work. McEvoy was even worse than Stave. By the way, McEvoy is no longer a quarterback. He is now playing wide receiver and safety. Still, the Badgers have other quarterbacks who deserve a shot with as bad as Stave has been. Last Saturday Stave got hurt with a strange head injury, and Bart Houston entered the game. He played perhaps better than Stave has in quite some time. He should be the starter now. If he falters, there is mega talented redshirt freshman D.J. Gillins from Jacksonville, FL, who is too talented to ignore. They could also try Thad Armstrong, a junior from Ottawa, Illinois, if they wanted to.

The bottom line is there is no reason Stave shouldn't be anywhere other than buried on the depth chart at this point. He has had plenty of chances and has done nothing but play poorly.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

2015 NCAA Football Predictions for the Week.

Included with my prediction for the outcome of the next Badgers football game, I submit for your review my predictions for all the marquee games coming up this week.  

Washington @ USC(W)- The PAC-12 has been brutal so far this season. They won't produce a playoff participant by the time they are all done beating each other up. USC wins this game by three touchdowns over a lackluster Washington team 38-17.

(W) NC State @ Virginia Tech- This is going to be a dull, boring 20-13 NC State victory.

(W)LSU @ South Carolina- Leonard Fournette is off to a historic start and is in the Hesiman conversation right now. He has another great game as LSU roles 45-17.
Illinois @ Iowa(W)- This Hawkeye team just smells of a classic Iowa squad that goes 10-2 and plays in the Capitol One Bowl. 23-14 Iowa.
(W) Baylor @ Kansas- Baylor wins 62-6. Move along.
(W)Oklahoma @ Texas- Baker Mayfield is off to a terrific start at his new school. Charlie Strong is safe, for now. Oklahoma Wins this edition of the Red River Shootout 48-20.
Maryland @ Ohio State(W)- These Ohio State quarterbacks are terrible. This is not the number one team in the nation. Fortunately Maryland is even worse. Ohio State wins 24-13.
(W)Indiana @ Penn State- Don't Worry Christian Hackenberg, the scouts no this isn't your fault. Still, Indiana wins 34-23 after giving Ohio State all they could handle a week ago.
Virginia @ Pittsburgh(W)- This is going to be a defensive war. Pittsburgh wins 13-6.
Wake Forest @ Boston College(W)- Same as above. 10-3 Boston College.
Georgia Tech @ Clemson(W)- This Georgia Tech team has underachieved this season in a major way. Clemson hasn't been pretty at times, but they have gotten the job done. Clemson wins 34-16.
(W)Georgia @ Tennessee- Georgia get's back on track this week against a Tennessee team that has underachieved as well. Georgia wins 38-17.
(W)Navy @ Notre Dame- The Midshipmen's first season in the American Athletic Conference is off to a good start. Notre Dame's luck ran out a week ago. Navy pulls the upset here 34-27.
(W)Northwestern @ Michigan- Two of the surprises so far in college football meet in this game. Northwestern pulls off a tough road win here 23-13.
Wisconsin @ Nebraska(W)- Joel Stave is a bad quarterback. The only question is how long until Redshirt Freshman D.J. Gillins is in? Nebraska wins 20-6.
Minnesota(W) @ Purdue- Joel Stave is bad. Mitch Leidner is even worse. Fortunately, the Gophers defense is strong and Purdue is one of the worst power conference teams at the moment. Gophers win 13-3.
Iowa State @ Texas Tech(W)- Texas Tech wins this game by scoring 70 points and winning 70-42.
Oregon State @ Arizona(W)- Arizona wins this game 38-20.
Washington State @ Oregon(W)- I told you this Ducks team wasn't that good. Still, they are better than Washington State. Oregon wins 55-31.
Arkansas @ Alabama(W)- The Razorbacks are the biggest disappointment of 2015. Bret Bielema's job could be in jeopardy if the Razorbacks continue to go south. Alabama wins 41-13.
(W)Oklahoma State @ West Virginia- This will be a high scoring affair and it will be won by the Cowboys 62-55.
(W)TCU @ Kansas State- TCU wins this game 56-34.
(W)Florida @ Missouri- The Gators pulled off a stunning upset last week of Mississippi and are off to a great start. That continues this week with a 34-16 victory over Missouri.
Miami @ Florida State(W)- The Seminoles are very quietly unbeaten and will remain that way 38-23.
(W)Michigan State @ Rutgers- I think this Spartan team is the best team in the nation at the moment. Michigan State wins 34-0.
California @ Utah(W)- Jared Goff is the number one pick in the making and California is off to a great start. However, this Utah defense is good an their special teams are insane. Utah wins 34-23.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

NCAA Football Top 25 in Week Four | Badgers Miss the Cut

 1. TCU- Need to start playing some defense soon or they are going to lose some games in conference play.
 2. Michigan State- "Sparty" has the signature win of 2015 so far, at home over Oregon.
 3. Georgia- In my opinion, this has been the most impressive team so far.
 4. Mississippi- They took advantage of five turnovers last Saturday en route to a 43-37 win in Alabama. The Crimson Tide still have no quarterback.
 5. Clemson- Hanging in there, but not looking too impressive out of the gate.
 6. LSU- Awesome start to the season for Leonard Fournette.
 7. Florida State- This defense has looked good so far. But can the offense score enough points?
 8. Utah- Look out for this Utah team, seriously. Their special teams are insane.
 9. Arizona- So far, so good for the Wildcats in 2015.
10. Oklahoma- Baker Mayfield is off to a terrific start at his new school.
11. Ohio State- Yes, this is a big drop for them, but honestly, this team has looked just plain AWFUL. As soon as they play a quarterback with a pulse they are going to lose. Michigan State is going to absolutely destroy these Buckeyes in November at the rate Ohio State is playing at right now.
12. Alabama- The Crimson Tide still doesn’t have a quarterback and could be in for a few more losses this season unless one steps up quick.
13. UCLA- I have been impressed with the play of freshman quarterback Josh Rosen so far.
14. California- Jared Goff is a beast and is turning himself into a number one overall draft choice.
15. Oklahoma State- I still remember that famous day Mike Gundy blew up at that reporter. Since that day, this program has taken off.
16. Baylor- The Bears have looked below average, well below average so far, which is why I drop them.
17. Northwestern- This Wildcat team has put together a pair of solid wins so far- against Stanford and against Duke this last weekend.
18. Texas A&M- Well so far, the two quarterback system is working in College Station. Not sure how long because this usually never works for a full season.
19. Missouri- This team has looked really bad so far, which is why they've been passed up by so many in this poll.
20. Oregon- I knew this team wasn't that good to begin the season.
21. Iowa- This season has been classic Hawkeye football. That is a good sign going forward.
22. Notre Dame- The Irish are walking a fine line between being good, and being lucky so far in 2015.
23. Texas Tech- The Red Raiders are scoring a lot of points, as usual, and as usual, playing very little defense also.
24. Kansas State- Wonder how long Bill Synder can keep going in his return to coaching.
25. Temple- The Owls are off to a very nice 3-0 start.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

First Week of 2015 Big Ten Football Highlights

Big Ten Football Recap
Week one of the college football season is already in the books, and for the Big Ten, is was an opening week of mixed results. Let’s take a look at how the Big Ten came out of week one.

The Jim Harbaugh era at Michigan got off to a rough start. Quarterback Jake Rudoch struggled all day throwing the football, finishing with three interceptions. Michigan also struggled to run the ball as De'Veon Smith was the leading rusher, finishing the game with 17 carries for just 47 yards. The TCU-Minnesota game turned out to be a lot closer than most people thought. The Gophers actually had the ball with a chance to win the game late, but got nowhere on their final drive. Michigan State's start to the 2015 season was actually a lot better. Sparty took care of business against a tough Western Michigan team 37-24. Quarterback Connor Cook, who is in the mix to be the first selection overall in the 2016 NFL draft, had a decent day, finishing 15-31 for 256 yards and two touchdowns.

On Saturday, Northwestern pulled the biggest upset of the week for the Big Ten when they defeated Stanford 16-6. Stanford's offense struggled all day and quarterback Kevin Hogan finished with just 155 yards passing. 2015 could not have started worse for Christian Hackenberg, who at the moment, is the leader in the clubhouse to be drafted first overall, Penn State was stunned by the Temple Owls 27-10, and Hackenberg finished with the game 11-25 for 103 yards and one interception. Hackenberg's QBR on the day, I'm not kidding you, was 3.2. Of course it can't all be blamed on Hackenberg. The man was sacked 11 times.

Nebraska felt by far the most heartbreaking loss of the day. With mere seconds to go, they led BYU 28-27 and appeared to be headed for a tough, well fought week one win. Then backup quarterback Tanner Magnum, replacing Tayson Hill, rolled out to his right, threw up a hail Mary, and Mitch Matthews came down with the game winner in the front of the end zone as time expired. Indiana and Southern Illinois played the game of the day. Indiana won 48-47, and it was a wild one. After take the lead 48-41, Indiana allowed Southern Illinois to go down the field and scored a touchdown with just moments left. However Southern Illinois elected to go for two, and failed to convert. In the night cap, Alabama faced off against Wisconsin in Dallas. The game was close most of the way, and then the Crimson Tide pulled away late to win the game 35-17.

Rutgers, Illinois, Maryland, and Iowa all took care of business.