Friday, September 12, 2014

Top 25 NCAA Football | Week #3

Well, I missed last week’s top 25, so let’s move right on to this week’s top 25. Note, Wisconsin has dropped out of the top 25. We’ll see if our Badgers make it back to the spotlight in the coming weeks. For now, can anyone debate the top pick of Florida State?

 1. Florida State
 2. Oregon
 3. Oklahoma
 4. Auburn
 5. Alabama
 6. UCLA
 7. Mississippi
 8. Baylor
 9. Kansas State
10. Arizona State
11. LSU
12. Mississippi State
13. Iowa
14. North Carolina
15. Washington
16. Michigan State
17. Stanford
18. Cincinnati
19. Texas A&M
20. Clemson
21. South Carolina
22. Georgia
23. Minnesota
24. Virginia Tech

25. Nebraska 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Preseason Top 25 College Football Teams 2014

Hello, everyone, here is a new feature being added to this blog. Each week, I will give out my own top 25. Here is my preseason top 25. Mine are a little bit different than most other prognosticators.  As for you Wisconsin Badgers fans, I have them starting the season at 19. We’ll see if these numbers hold throughout the weeks.  

 1. Florida State
 2. Oklahoma
 3. Oregon
 4. Auburn
 5. Michigan State
 6. Alabama
 7. UCLA
 8. South Carolina
 9. Baylor
10. Stanford
11. Mississippi
12. Kansas State
13. Arizona State
14. LSU
15. Clemson
16. Mississippi State
17. Iowa
18. North Carolina
19. Wisconsin
20. Washington
21. Cincinnati
22. Nebraska
23. Georgia
24. Minnesota

25. Duke

Friday, June 13, 2014

Badgers New Uniform Designs | Bucky Gets A Makeover

Adidas Version of Bucky's Uniform

Big news in the Wisconsin Badgers fashion department this week. The football team revealed that designers were working on over 20 possible alternate uniform combinations this off-season, even releasing pictures from a recent photo-shoot highlighting some of the options. The pictures showed linebacker Sherard Cadougan donning a red jersey-red pants combination that had never been seen before, topped-off with one of two alternate helmets the team released last year. Another picture from the photo-shoot featured sophomore corner Sojourn Shelton in a rare appearance of the white jersey-red pants combination that has been used before.

The Badgers history over the past few years with alternate jersey designs has been ill-received. For a game against Nebraska in 2013, Adidas designed a special-addition alternate uniform that was mocked by fans and critics, despite paying homage to the team's jerseys of the late 1960s.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jared Abbrederis Now A Green Bay Packers Wideout | Badgers Players Taken In 2014 NFL Draft

Jared Abbrederis Packers Wide Receiver
The wait was longer than expected, but by the end of the 2014 NFL draft, five former Wisconsin Badgers had been selected by five different professional teams. Dezmen Southward, Chris Borland, James White, Jared Abbrederis, and Beau Allen were all called-up over the weekend. Five more alumni who went undrafted were offered contracts in free agency soon after the event, including quarterback Danny O'Brien, who will go to Atlanta along with Southward.

Tightends Brian Wozniak and Jacob Peterson, also undrafted, will join O'Brien and Southward at the Falcons spring camp.

Despite speculation that headline makers Borland or Abbrederis would be the first former Badger to be taken, Southward was the first to go, at 68 overall. The third-round selection is the lowest debut pick in decades for Wisconsin graduates, who have represented at least one opening-round choice every year since 1978. The safety was not disappointed with the unusual timing, however, already thanking the team in interviews on various Atlanta radio and television stations.

Borland, a candidate for an early-round selection this year, instead followed Southward nine picks later at 77 overall. The linebacker finished his storied collegiate career with 15 forced fumbles, the most in Wisconsin history and second most all-time in the FBS, as well as top-10 program numbers in four other categories.
The San Francisco 49ers will host Borland at their camp starting this month.

Running back White was the third Badger to be called this weekend. New England used their fourth-round pick to attain the 130 overall selection, the thirteenth running-back to be chosen at that point in the draft. White could usually be found playing a support role to a host of top-prospect backs including Montee Ball and John Clay, though he was especially keen at finding holes once in the redzone. White fumbled just twice on 754 carries over his four seasons in Wisconsin.

Perhaps White's most memorable rush came in 2010 against then number one ranked Ohio State. Up three points with just minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, White came out for a first-down run from the Buckeyes ten-yard line. A few quick side-steps and he was in the endzone, putting the final dagger in what remains one of the Badgers biggest upsets in history.

Rounding-out the later rounds of the 2014 draft was wide receiver Abbrederis and nose tackle Allen. The pair were selected by the Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles, respectively, at 176 and 224 overall. Abbrederis, a Wisconsin native, was expected to fetch hefty interest at the end of the 2013 season, though a disappointing showing at the combine lowered his prospects. 

Badgers 2014 Draft Selections

Round 3:

-        Dezmen Southward; Safety, Atlanta

-        Chris Borland; Linebacker, San Francisco

Round 4:

-        James White; Running-back, New England

Round 5:

-        Jared Abbrederis; Wide receiver, Green Bay

Round 7:

-        Beau Allen; Nose tackle, Philadelphia

Undrafted; Signed in Free Agency:

-        Jacob Pederson; Tight end, Atlanta

-        Brian Wozniak; Tight end, Atlanta

-        Ethan Hemer, Tackle, Pittsburgh

-        Ryan Groy; Linebacker, Chicago

-        Danny O'Brien; Quarterback, Atlanta