Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Here we go again.

The college football season is only two months away, but no deal is in place between Charter Communications and the new Big Ten Network to air some Badger games, and the two sides have begun to dig in their heels over access and cost.
The Big Ten Network, which will launch in August, will air the University of Wisconsin's non-conference game against The Citadel on Sept. 15 and could carry one or more Wisconsin conference games later in the season.
The network plans to air a wide variety of Big Ten sports in addition to football and basketball and has carriage deals with DirecTV, AT&T and more than 40 smaller cable systems. But it has yet to reach deals with the four biggest cable companies, including Madison area provider Charter and Milwaukee area provider Time Warner, or DISH Network, the other large satellite provider.
It sounds like to me it is a complete rerun of the NFL Network. Which in my opinion is one big cluster f**k. It makes me so mad that I have cable but the local team is not on any channel I have. And then I have to go to some stooly bar and watch the game with a bunch of billys. I hope that they can work it out before football season starts to help keep my sanity intact. GO BUCKY!!!!!!!!!

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