Thursday, June 21, 2007

Will Badger Baseball Return to Madison?

A year ago, UW athletic director Barry Alvarez made an offhanded comment during a television interview about possibly bringing baseball back. Alvarez quickly qualified his remarks, saying he had been talking hypothetically and down the road. But it was enough to get the State Journal's Andy Baggot to write a column trotting out the numbers and showing that financially, at least, it wasn't unrealistic. I remember when the so called savior of Badger Athletics, Pat Richter, canned the baseball program at UW. A program that had been in existence since 1870. It was a sad day that I hope can be rectified when Barry Alvarez resurrects Bucky Badger back to baseball diamond. GO BUCKY!!!!!!!


jam said...

Did you know that when Wisconsin left the Big Ten Conference, they were ultimately replaced by Pennsylvania State the year after. It just makes me sick, just why didn't they join the Big East. Anyway the Big Ten just seems empty when a member is missing anyway in any type of sport and there are other ones out there to and surprisingly wrestling is not one of them which is ironically the only full conference in NCAA Division I wrestling.

jam said...

I even surprised that Bud Selig isn't doing anything about Badger baseball even though he did go to school there. He probably thought he has done enough by just bringing the Seattle Pilots to Milwaukee and renaming them the Brewers.