Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Clay not ineligible yet, Bielema says.

The door may not be closed just yet on incoming freshman running back John Clay playing for the University of Wisconsin football team this season.
In a strongly worded statement, UW coach Bret Bielema disputed a report by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, citing anonymous sources, that Clay had failed to meet the NCAA's minimum academic eligibility standards.
"Any statement that John Clay will not be eligible this fall due to failure to meet the NCAA's minimum academic eligibility standards is, at this point in time, false," Bielema said in a statement released by the athletic communications office late Tuesday afternoon.
"When John's eligibility is finalized, I will comment accordingly. Right now, I'm trying to deal in fact, not speculation and anonymous sources."
Racine Park football coach Dennis Thompson, who was Clay's prep coach, told the State Journal on Monday he was waiting to hear from the UW coaches regarding Clay's status. Thompson said he expected a final answer in about a week.
It is disappionting to see the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel make a mistake like this, I hope they won't rush to conclusions in the future, but I am probably dreaming. GO BUCKY!!!!!!!!

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