Friday, September 14, 2007

Last Chance For A Tuneup

Wrapping up its nonconference schedule before the start of the Big Ten season, Wisconsin will host The Citadel in what head coach Bret Bielema hopes will be a sea of red.
The Badgers (2-0) are coming off a last-minute win manufactured by a Tyler Donovan run. All three units — offense, defense, and special teams — weren’t particularly good. Saturday is their last opportunity to sort out the inconsistencies from the good before Big Ten play begins next weekend against Iowa. I sure hope the Badgers solve the problems that are ailing them because the conference schedule will not be so forgiving.
Also as a side note, the only way I can watch the Badgers game tomorrow is to attend it in person or find a bar that has the BIG TEN NETWORK. For some reason since I am a TIME WARNER CUSTOMER I continually get SHANKED!!! I am so sick of this crap, please just work it out and charge me what you need so I can watch what I need to. As you can tell I have few feelings about this crap. Anyways, GO BUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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