Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Wisconsin Vs Ohio St.

This will be the last time I comment on the Feb. 25th Wisconsin at Ohio St Mens Basketball game. First of all, it is more than disappointing that the Badgers receive their first #1 ranking and they follow that ranking with 2 straight losses. Secondly, Brian Butch is out for 4 to 6 weeks(that sounds like he is out for the rest of the year to me.) Lastly, how did Kammron Taylor miss that freethrow with 20 seconds to go in the game. Is Taylor going to be able to get those last two shots of the game that he missed out of his head? Thier last game against Michigan St. and also the Big Ten Tournament is the time to work out any problems before the NCAA Tournament starts. I do not want the Badgers to be one of those 1 & DONE teams in the tournament. LETS GO RED!!!!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Sad Butchy

I know exactly how Brian Butch from Appleton, Wisconsin feels, to see the heart ache and heart break. I felt that way after I watched the Badgers give up the Big Ten title to Ohio State. I hope we play better come NCAA Tourney time. The Badgers have one more chance at 11:00 am at the Kohl Center on Saturday. I hope we can end the regular season with some momentum.

Friday, February 23, 2007

National Player of the Year Candidate

Alando Tucker is a legimate contender for National Player of the Year. It would be a giant recruiting tool for the University of Wisconsin's Men Basketball team if he could win. In fact I believe that either way this entire year is a huge boost for Bo Ryan's ability to recruit some big name players. Especially from the east and west coast where we often lose recruits to "better known schools", aka Duke, UNC, Florida, etc. I have had it up to here with those schools arrogance when it comes to recruting. It is about time that Wisconsin gets the recognition it deserves. GO BUCKY!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Men's hoops need to get fired up!!!

The Men's Badger Basketball team needs to get psyched up for their game against Ohio St. on Sunday. It will be a pivotal game that will not only affecy their ranking but also the seed they will receive in the NCAA tournament. The game is Sunday, February 25th at 3pm on CBS. I know I will have my Badger Red on and be ready to go with the volume way up. GO BUCKY!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

BADGERS ARE #1!!!!!!!

Congrats to the Badgers Basketball team to being ranked #1 for the first time in school history!!!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Badger Basketball rocks

The Badger basketball team is rocking. The game this past Saturday was awesome. With only 2 road games against Michigan St and Ohio St and one home game against Michigan St., the Badgers are in complete control of their own destiny. I am going to their last home game against Michigan St on March 3rd in Madison. I have had good luck finding tickets using Ticket King. I hope to see everybody in Madison on March 3rd. Go Bucky!!!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Big Ten vs SEC

To all of you who believe the SEC is so superior to the Big Ten here are some recent stats:

1. The Big Ten was 2-1 vs. the SEC in this past season's bowl games.

2. The Big Ten is 8-6 vs. the SEC in bowl games over the last five years.

3. The Big Ten is 13-13 vs. the SEC in bowl games over the last decade.

4. Over the last nine years of BCS games, the Big Ten leads all conferences with 15 berths while ranking second with 8 victories. The SEC tops all leagues with nine wins and ranks second to the Big Ten with 13 appearances.

5. In the last 10 years the Big Ten has produced 2 national champions compared to three for the SEC.

6. In the last 15 years the Big Ten has produced 5 Heisman Trophy winners, more than any other conference. Over that same time span, the SEC has claimed one Heisman.

7. While the SEC ranked first amoung various recruiting rankings, the Big Ten ranked second or third nationally with four to five programs rated among the top 25 recruiting classes.

8. The Big Ten has a history of developing players - the most recent Heisman Trophy winner, Troy Smith, was one of the last players to receive a scholarship from Ohio State.

9. The Big Ten has slightly less than 300 players in the NFL while the SEC has slightly more than 300, Sixteen former Big Ten players earned Super Bowl rings with the Indianapolis Colts earlier this month.

If this trend continues the Big Ten will soon become the Best conference in all of college sports.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

2007 Badger Football

I was just checking out a article on ESPN.com talking about how P.J. Hill is the most notable returning starter for the Badgers. What I did not realize is that he is one of eighteen returning starters that the Badgers have coming back. Talk about experience, the team should be better than they were last year. Even Tyler Donovan started 2 games last year for the graduating John Stucco. It is sad to see another Badger quarterback leaving but it is always eciting to see a new guy lead Bucky to Victory. Can we finally say BCS game for the Badgers, I hope so.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bucky Back to #3

It was good to see the Men's Basketball ranking back to #3. If the Badgers can receive a #1 seed for the NCAA tournament that should help their positioning to get to the Final Four. I think the Final Four is in Atlanta this year. That would be a sick roadtrip. Mapquest says it is 800 miles from Milwaukee to Atlanta. That would be 10 hours at 80mph. The weather should be awesome in Atlanta that time of year. Look forward to seeing everybody in Hotlanta.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Congrats Coach Bielema

I was pumped up when I heard the Badgers signed Coach Bielema to 5 year deal worth 7.5 million. I think he can elevate the Badger Football team to the next level. Wisconsin Football playing in a National Championship would be the biggest sporting event the University of Wisconsin has ever seen. Go Badgers!!!!