Monday, March 17, 2008

Bucky goes to Omaha as a #3 seed.

Here is a riddle, what do Rodney Dangerfield and the Wisconsin Badger Basketball team have in common? Neither one of them get any respect. What does Bucky have to do to earn some? They were ranked 8th in the country and they won their conference and their conference tournament. I think that there is some obvious favoritism going on when it comes to the seeding.
The second question is whether or not to follow Bucky to Omaha. I don't know about you but I have never been to Omaha so I am not sure what to expect. The only thing I know about Omaha is it the place where they have the mail order steaks. (UMMM STEAK). But besides that I don't know a thing about it. Maybe I will does some Internet research tonight and report my findings tomorrow. GO BUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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