Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Typical NCAA

It's not like Bret Bielema has been chained to his desk on the eighth floor of Camp Randall Stadium the last month, although it's probably felt that way at times for the University of Wisconsin football coach.
A new NCAA rule has grounded Bielema and other head coaches during the important spring evaluation period, which runs from April 15 to May 31. Assistant coaches are still allowed to visit high schools and evaluate prospects.
It's been quite a change for Bielema, who spent all but a handful of days on the road during last year's spring evaluation period. At this time a year ago, he was likely either watching a spring football practice in Florida or Texas, a track and field meet in Cleveland or a baseball game in Illinois.
More importantly, the time on the road offered Bielema the chance to build -- or strengthen -- relationships with high school coaches around the country. And while he couldn't speak with recruits on these trips, there's a pretty good chance he left an impression on them. It's hard not to notice a tall guy with a red Wisconsin polo shirt watching your every move.
Bielema said he liked the rule change at first "because it put everybody on the same playing field." The more he thought about it, however, the more he realized it handicapped coaches like himself who actually like to be on the road recruiting in April and May. It is sad that college coaches can't be trusted to have contact with potential recruits. I hope it doesn't continue to get worse. GO BUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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