Friday, September 5, 2008

Evridge First Lefty QB In 44 Years.

During Wisconsin’s 38-17 win against Akron Saturday, an interesting thing happened. It wasn’t a new multi-million dollar addition to Camp Randall Stadium, brand new black and white home uniforms or even an original cheer by the student section.
As soon as the starting lineups were called, and fifth-year senior Allan Evridge’s name flashed across the scoreboard, he became the first left-handed quarterback to start at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 44 years. It has not been since the 1964 season, in which Harold Brandt played signal caller for the Cardinal and White, that Wisconsin has had a south-paw under center. I would imagine with a left handed QB makes it interesting for the coaches and the running backs who are used to a right handed QB. By the way, I am so glad the Big Ten Network worked out a deal with Time Warner. It improves the quality of my life. GO BUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!