Friday, October 10, 2008

Band to perform at Penn State game

The University of Wisconsin Marching Band will perform at Saturday’s football game, ending their indefinite suspension following hazing allegations, officials announced Thursday.
UW Marching Band Director Mike Leckrone, who made the announcement that the band will perform at Saturday’s night game against Penn State, said it is still “to be determined” whether the band will be allowed to make road trips. For now, the band has been suspended from travel, which Leckrone said may effect a planned performance at an upcoming Packers game.
This is obviously a unfortunate outcome that punishes everyone, not just the people who were the perpetrators. Which in my mind is ridiculous. If a few of the Badger Football players got into trouble would they suspend the whole team, I think not. You need to punish only those responsible not everyone else. GO BUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Matt said...

Nice blog. Enjoyed it. Check mine out.

Wisconsin Music Man said...

They finally pulled one out in solid fashion.