Thursday, September 24, 2009

No tweeting for Bucky???

Until two weeks ago, Brian Wozniak was a relatively unknown player on the University of Wisconsin football team.
That all changed with one short but eye-opening revelation from the freshman tight end on the Internet. Shortly after noon on Sept. 8, Wozniak broke the news that a flu outbreak had hit the Badgers. "45 uw football players out due to swine flu symptoms ... oh boyyy," was how Wozniak put it on Twitter, a popular social-media website.
The entire collection of Wozniak's posts had been erased by the same time the next day, and he hasn't posted since. Though UW coach Bret Bielema said earlier this week that he didn't make Wozniak stop posting on Twitter -- "I didn't disallow it," he said -- it's clear Bielema let his displeasure with the incident be known to the freshman from Loveland, Ohio.
It's understandable why Bielema was so upset. He was in the middle of a crisis and was trying to keep word from getting out about exactly how many players were affected by the flu. Though Dennis Helwig, UW's assistant athletic director for sports medicine, said later that same Tuesday that the number of sick Badgers was in the "low double-digits," Bielema revealed after UW's 34-31 double-overtime victory over Fresno State that more than 40 players actually had been sick -- meaning Wozniak's post was pretty accurate.
"It's become such a crazy phenomenon that it's amazing how quick things get out," UW defensive line coach Charlie Partridge said. "Now, all of a sudden, something that was a fun outlet is something you've got to be careful with."
It will sure be interesting how this all shakes out in the next couple of years. GO BUCKY!!!!!!!!!

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Wisconsin Music Man said...

Why not tweet while in the huddle!
Why not tweet while sitting on the sideline. Man, this tweeting thing was getting out of hand.