Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Badgers prepare for Purdue on Halloween

As the Wisconsin football team prepares for its game against Purdue Saturday, head coach Bret Bielema said the team is excited to be back on the field and ready to play football again after the bye week.
Despite dropping the past two games, Bielema is happy with the team’s success over the course of the season, underscoring they are playing the 11th toughest schedule in the nation this year and there are seven teams in the top 25 with two or more losses and the combined record of the teams they have lost against is 14-2.
“You’re so disappointed in the back-to-back losses that you forget that you are a 5-2 team,” Bielema said. “Sometimes it’s good to be away from people who want to talk about the two losses rather than what you’ve done over the cumulative season.”
It will be good to see the Badgers win again after losing two in row. I actually just bought some Badger vs Purdue tickets for $30 each on theticketking.com. I thought that was an awesome deal. I look forward to seeing everybody in Madison this weekend for the game. GO BUCKY!!!!!!!!


Drew Cieszynski said...

I'll have to check out the tickets on the link you've mentioned as I've spent a couple hundred $$$ on tickets this year trying to visit every BIG TEN stadium in the league & I'm trying to save every penny on tickets that I can

I enjoyed your blog

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we are in madison for halloweeen this weekend!

¡Oye! said...

Check the On Wisconsin Remix!


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