Friday, October 16, 2009

Wisconsin Badgers Homecoming

An opportunity for students, alumni and the community to come together, the University of Wisconsin Homecoming 2009 began with kick-off events last Friday and will conclude with the Badger Huddle and football game against the Iowa Hawkeyes Saturday.
“The main vision of UW homecoming is the celebration of being a Badger,” said Whitney Bauer, Homecoming Committee executive co-chair.
Whether a current student or an alumnus, this year’s “Bucky’s Game Show Challenge” has offered many events to come together with other Badgers. One new event, the AV Club’s Jarringly Obscure Trivia, was the most successful so far this year, according to both Bauer and Karyn Christianson, Homecoming Committee executive co-chair. Many students attended in self-made groups, in addition to the established competing student groups.
I remember homecoming as a great time for all went I attended UW. The one thing that would top it all off would be a victory over the Iowa Hawkeyes.

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Ms. Pacman said...

Homecoming is such a great time, looking back on the glory days of my own time at Wisconsin! Loved going back to this game with all my college friends, can't wait until next year!