Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Badgers get thier picture taken

badgersgetthierpicturetaken The 2010 Wisconsin football season is quietly approaching as we're less than two months away from the opening of fall camp. Another indication that the season is almost upon us is that the 2010 senior class met on Wednesday night to shoot the team poster.
The 13 seniors were joined at Quarry Park in Madison around 7:30 p.m. last night by the photographer, stylist, members of the marketing department, a couple managers and director of operations, Mark Taurisani.The players donned their jerseys and game pants upon arrival before making the short trek from the park entrance to the shoot location. Before reaching the actual shoot, the players gathered at an opening in the park to ready themselves.The goal was to have the players looking dirty and grimy so the guys were instructed take mud off the dirt path and rub it on themselves, likely much to the chagrin of the equipment room staff who will end up having to wash the uniforms.Lance Kendricks got things started by dropping right to the ground and rolling around in the mud. Others were more cautious and either had the stylist help apply mud or chose to simply rub some into their pants or jersey. Isaac Anderson followed Kendricks' lead and rolled around in the mud as well, while others made liberal use of the eye black. Jay Valai took to rolling around on the ground too, but ended up finding himself in a big puddle, soaking his entire backside.After the players were finished prepping themselves, we walked a little further down a path to where the photographer had all his equipment set up. Surrounded by trees and rocks, the players positioned themselves on a small hill.It took a few minutes to get everyone in the right position as the terrain provided adequate space, but not necessarily the best footing for guys to keep their balance. Once everyone was finally set, the dry ice was brought in to provide some effects.The dry ice added an extra challenge to the shoot as not only was there a race to get the shots in before the sun went down, but also to get the shots before the ice dissipated or ran out entirely. After some quick maneuvering to get the ice in a better position, the rest of the shoot went off without a hitch.The players seemed pretty happy with how things worked out.Gabe Carimi called it a success, adding that the dry ice provided a little bit of chaos but it all worked in the end.The 2010 posters will make their debut at the Big Ten Kickoff Luncheon in Chicago on Aug. 2.
Lets hope the Badgers can live up to the hype. GO BUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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