Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another solid running back?

Tuesday afternoon, the Wisconsin Badgers’ offense seemed to be rounding into shape. The shape, at least, expected as the end of spring practice approaches.
On the second play of the first-team scrimmage, quarterback Jon Budmayr dropped back, faked a handoff to running back James White and let rip a high-arching balloon of a toss down the left sideline. Budmayr — known especially for his strong arm — would go on to overthrow a few balls this practice, and this one was no different.
Yet, fullback Bradie Ewing kept pace with the ball, and just when it was within reach, he extended his left arm and hauled it in. The lefty, one-handed grab was the first of two impressive catches for Ewing Tuesday, and it was arguably the highlight of the entire practice.
Now a senior, Ewing has made just that kind of impression as a Badger. He’s consistently there, doing his job — he played in 38 of a possible 39 games his first three years — but he might not be noticed during the process. That, as the history of football has proven, is typically the life of a fullback. Line up in front of the tail back and behind the quarterback, make your blocks and don’t mess up. If the ball’s thrown to you, catch it.
Lets hope we see him scoring a touchdown in a BCS bowl game.  GO BUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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