Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring Football Game brings in unexpected donation

The University of Wisconsin athletic department contributed about $50,000 to the School of Nursing building project with funds generated from ticket sales at the spring football game.
But that was only part of the story.
School of Nursing dean Katharyn May believes a $1 million donation received about three weeks prior to the spring game probably would not have happened without the affiliation with the football program.
"I am absolutely convinced that gift would not have happened without the enthusiasm and momentum, if you will, leading up to the spring game," May said Monday.
Fans were charged $5 for admission to the spring game, which had been free in past years. The official crowd was a disappointing 11,169, though UW athletic director Barry Alvarez remains committed to using the game as a fundraiser for campus projects.
Proceeds from next year's game will go to the Human Ecology department.
"It was a message we wanted to send, that we want to support (the) campus, that we wanted to bring attention to your program," Alvarez told May.
"We're very pleased with the turnout, we're very pleased with the fact you're happy with it. It was a win-win situation. That's what it's all about."
With the help of the $1 million donation, May said the building project is within $3 million of its fundraising goal, meaning construction on the School of Nursing's new home will start a year from now.
It is great to see how Badger Football affects the whole university.  GO BUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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