Thursday, October 6, 2011

Badgers Beat Nebraska

If Russell Wilson becomes the third football player at the University of Wisconsin to win the Heisman Trophy, it will be because of performances such as the one against Nebraska last week, not any promotional ideas hatched by the school's athletic communications department.
Wilson's performance on national television in prime time on Saturday night has thrust him near the top of most Heisman polls, which are becoming a cottage industry.
The Heisman polls are too numerous to mention, but many have Wilson in the top three, along with two other quarterbacks, Stanford's Andrew Luck and Oklahoma's Landry Jones.
The UW athletic communications department has started a Twitter campaign for Wilson's Heisman chances (@RussellManiaXVI). But don't expect Wilson to be checking it out much, since he doesn't have a Twitter account.
"No, I don't follow it too much," Wilson said after practice on Wednesday night. "Brian (Lucas), the media relations guy, let's me know. That's kind of cool. I don't have Twitter, though, myself."
Fresh off the push he got nationally from the 48-17 victory over the Cornhuskers, Wilson appeared Tuesday on the ESPN television show, "Pardon the Interruption," and also Dan Patrick's nationally syndicated radio show, which also is simulcast on television.
Barry Alvarez said getting Russell Wilson was like winning the lottery, I would have to agree with him.  GO BUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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