Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Russell Wilson is a Badger

Summer temperatures are rising throughout the Midwest, and with Russell Wilson now a Badger, Wisconsin especially can look forward to more heat.
In a press conference Tuesday, UW football head coach Bret Bielema expressed his excitement for what his new quarterback’s presence on campus will mean for the team.
“He’s very dedicated, very serious, on task with everything he does,” Bielema said. “I’ve learned that over the last couple of months, recruiting him and talking with him. I’m very excited to have him in our program.”
Bielema is confident Wilson will have a quick transition into Wisconsin’s style of play. While learning the playbook and terminology will take some time, getting to know the team and meshing with his new teammates will be the biggest challenge for Wilson.
“Once he gets on campus, our players will be the best coaches,” Bielema said. “He learns things very quickly, not only graduating in three years at N.C. State, but also I think it’ll carry over into the football field”
“N.C. State’s version [of football] and Paul Chryst’s version are two totally different things,” Bielema added. “Football language takes on a unique environment in each place that you go to. The transition will go quicker than you think, but the biggest challenge will be in the locker room, getting to know guys for the first time.”
Some of the first players Wilson will interact with will be the rest of the quarterbacks, most notably redshirt sophomore Jon Budmayr, who was previously anticipated to be under center this fall.
With Wilson now on the team, Budmayr told Bielema it “wasn’t going to change the way [he] prepares for this upcoming season.”
Bielema, meanwhile, is looking forward to the competition Wilson’s presence should foster at the position.
Can you say BCS Championship Game my fellow Badgers Fans?   GO BUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2012 recruiting class looking goof

The impressive start to the University of Wisconsin football team's 2012 recruiting class has yet to make a big splash on the national scene.
Blame that on its consistent success over the years, despite recruiting classes that rarely finish in the top 25 nationally.
"I don't really care how Wisconsin is recruiting — is the easiest way I can put it," said Scott Kennedy, the national director of scouting for" They're going to be good.
"They've got a system in place right now where they are as good at evaluating talent as there is. They do a great job of developing those players and getting players they know they're going to keep for four or five years and winning big."
Still, its been an enticing thought for Badgers fans: What if you took that same proven system and plugged in a higher caliber of recruit at the start?
While it's early in the process, UW coach Bret Bielema has a chance to do that with his seventh recruiting class.
The Badgers have five oral commitments and four rate four stars (out of five) on's rating system: offensive tackle Kyle Dodson from Cleveland Heights (Ohio) High School; quarterback Bart Houston from De La Salle in Concord, Calif.; guard Dan Voltz from Barrington (Ill.); and outside linebacker Vince Biegel from Wisconsin Rapids.
The other recruit, running back Vonte Jackson from Kenosha Bradford, rates three stars.
Lets hope a BCS game is a every year thing.  GO BUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

A Badger Football game that is not on TV?

For the first time in five seasons, a University of Wisconsin football game apparently won't be televised — at least in the traditional sense.
The Badgers' game on Sept. 17 against Northern Illinois at Soldier Field will kick off at 2:30 p.m., the Mid-American Conference announced Wednesday. It'll be live streamed on, an online-only channel that is available free to subscribers of Charter Communications and many other providers nationally.
There is no indication that a network will pick up the game, according to an e-mail from MAC spokesperson Ken Mather on Thursday.
That webcast can be played through your TV if it's Internet-ready and connected to your laptop, through an Internet-enabled gaming system such as Xbox, Sony PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii or other software shortcuts.
But for those who aren't technologically advanced, the bottom line is you can't sit back in the easy chair and click the TV remote to pull up the game.
That breaks a streak of 59 straight appearances on a network that was available to at least some portion of the local audience, notwithstanding the one-year showdown between the Big Ten Network and cable giants Charter Communications, Time Warner and Comcast that kept that channel off the metaphorical dial in its introductory 2007 season. At that time, BTN was carried by the two major satellite services, DirecTV and Dish Network, as well as some smaller cable providers, such as the Mount Horeb Telephone Co.
Lets hope they can work something out.  GO BUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Big Ten Hockey?

Before delving into details of the newest University of Wisconsin men's hockey schedule, circumstances almost beg that we first look further down the road.
The schedule for 2012-13 will be the last for UW in the Western Collegiate Hockey Association before the new Big Ten Conference makes its debut in 2013-14.
In addition to playing their final set of WCHA games, the Badgers will be expected to accommodate as many future Big Ten opponents as possible.
That includes Penn State, which is scheduled to play its inaugural season in NCAA Division I in 2012-13, as well as Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State, which are leaving the Central Collegiate Hockey Association to join the Big Ten for hockey.
Of course, Minnesota, which will join the Big Ten after being a member of the WCHA since 1959-60, will be on the schedule.
UW coach Mike Eaves acknowledged those new priorities exist but said his scheduling canvas for 2012-13 has a ton of white space.
Let's hope that Bucky can make the adjustment.  GO BUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ohio State Situation not good for the Big Ten

As tempting as it might be, University of Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez doesn't view the ongoing ethical storm atop the Big Ten Conference summit as a good thing.
Allegations of major rules violations at Ohio State led to the resignation of football coach Jim Tressel earlier this week. The NCAA is investigating the flagship school of the league a year after another premier program, Michigan, was placed on NCAA probation for the first time in school history.
"You never want to see that, particularly with one of your brand schools," Alvarez said Wednesday. "I don't feel good about it for our league."
Speaking at the Badger Day fan event at the Harley-Davidson Museum, Alvarez said he understands why some might view this as a great opportunity for UW and its football program to take advantage of two vulnerable rivals.
"If I were the coach," he said, referencing his 16 Hall of Fame seasons overseeing the Badgers from 1990 to 2005, "that's maybe how I'd be thinking."
But that's not how it is.
"You don't want someone to get their legs knocked out from under them and look for that to give you an opportunity," Alvarez said. "It shouldn't have to be that way.
"I don't want to sit there and lick my chops and say, ‘Wow, that opens the door for us.' I just don't think that's right."
UW football coach Bret Bielema, who led his club to share of the Big Ten title with Ohio State and Michigan State last season, said turmoil elsewhere in the league will not be a distraction much less as motivation.
"Wisconsin is going to worry about Wisconsin," he said.
Let's hope Wisconsin will win the Big Ten this year.  GO BUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!