Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bucky Bets On Phillips | Do They Have Any Other Choice?

Curt Phillips Wisconsin Badgers
The Badgers must have felt as if they had seen this play out before.  Time was running out, the Badgers were in the lead, but it all faded away in the final moments. This time, the Spartans won it in overtime.  That didn't make it any easier to take. Wisconsin had the lead, and had pinned Michigan State back around their own 25.  Michigan found a way to get down the field, and scored the tying touchdown.  The Badgers didn't manage the clock, and the game went to overtime.

Wisconsin scored a field goal with their first possession.  Would that hold up?  The Spartans answered with a 12 yard touchdown pass that capped of a solid drive.  Game over, Badgers lose. Wisconsin is now 3-2 in the Big Ten conference. Stave is out for the season.  Bucky fans are now wondering if the team can manage to pick up the pieces. They face an uphill battle to say the least.

Curt Phillips Takes Over As Quarterback

Curt Phillips now takes over as QB. Sure, he was a high school star, but weren't most Big Ten starters? On top of that, Phillips has gone under the knife three times, and played in very few games.  Still, there is hope. Phillips can move.  O'Brien failed to do the same in the pro-style offense that Wisconsin is known for. Phillips will get a chance to ease into things, as he's facing a team that gives up huge rushing yards.  With that in mind, the Badgers run game could certainly set up Phillips for some easy passes.  The Badgers are running out of options. It's got to work.

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