Friday, June 7, 2013

Daktronics Screen Comes To Camp Randall And Kohl Center

Camp Randall Daktronics
Fans at Camp Randall will enjoy one of the best video-displays in the country next season. Construction began Monday to replace the decade-old existing system with a state-of-the-art Daktronics unit, considered the standard of stadium entertainment. At five-million dollars, the system is also one of the most expensive of any in the NCAA. The Kohl Center is also receiving the same set-up.
The steep price-tag includes the latest in technological design. Four times the size of the previous board, the main-screen of the new unit measures five-stories high and 170-feet across. Another pair of complementary advertisement panels coming in 50-feet across and 25-feet tall will straddle the larger screen. To further ease viewing of the screens, Daktronics has created a slightly bowl-shaped panel. Revolutionizing the industry, the inward facing perimeters avoid the usually flat surface that is hard to view at angles. Other displays in Camp Randall are also undergoing renovations, including larger secondary displays which feature the score, time, and occasional advertisements.

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