Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Badgers 2013 Football Schedule Game By Game Breakdown

Badgers Big Ten Championship Football
The Badgers currently stand as the back-to-back Big Ten Champions, but that doesn’t mean they were that good. Well, in 2011 they were, and that was primarily due to the fact that Russell Wilson was their quarterback, and that was a situation that worked out perfectly for them. But here’s the problem going forward. That sort of situation isn’t real. It only comes along once in a generation, meaning that will never happen again to the Badgers. In 2012, yes they did win the Big Ten championship, but you have to remember this, the division they are in, the two programs which were supposed to be their two biggest obstacles to the Big Ten Championship game, Ohio State and Penn State, were not eligible for postseason play. This year, Ohio State is eligible for postseason play. So what is in store for the Badgers in 2013? Their schedule might give us an idea.

After starting out with two yawners against UMass and Tennessee Tech, the Badgers travel to Arizona State. The game against the Sun Devils will not be an easy task, and there is no guarantee the Badgers walk out of there with a win. After that they come home for Purdue, and the Boilermakers are never to be taken lightly.

Badgers Big Ten Opponents In 2013

Then the big one, and at this point is when the Badgers schedule begins to get “meaty”. Ohio State is off of their postseason ban and hungry to reclaim their place at the top of the Big Ten. I don’t think the Badgers win that game. After that Northwestern, and the Wildcats are a program that just slowly, but steadily, keeps getting a little bit better. They do get a break against Illinois and maybe a break against Iowa, if they are careful and pay attention to detail. At that point the schedule gets a little tough again. BYU comes to town, and this is one of the few teams in the country that could beat up the Badgers are their own game. The BYU game is followed with Indiana coming to town, and this is a program that is getting serious about football quick. They follow that up with a trip to Minneapolis to take on the Gophers, and this is going to be a key season in the rebuilding efforts of Jerry Kill and the Gophers. The Badgers then finish the 2012 season with Penn State coming to town, a game the should win.

So what do I think specifically about the Badgers being able to win a third Big Ten title in as many years? Well, you will have to check back later on this summer to find out.

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