Friday, October 17, 2014

NCAA Top 25 for October 2014 | Mississippi State Hits The Top Spot

NCAA top 25
Time now for my NCAA top 25 rankings. If I can pat myself on the back, I told you so about Mississippi state. Will Florida State keep their lofty rankings by winning big? Will will Wisconsin come back on this list? Who knows. Meanwhile, we're looking forward to seeing who wins this week.  

1. Mississippi State- I called it, boy did I call it. Now Gators fans are calling for Florida to hire Dan Mullen as the new head coach.
  2. Mississippi- If Mississippi State has the best resume in America, their in-State counterparts have the second best resume.
  3. Florida State- Needs to make a statement this weekend against Notre Dame
  4. Baylor- In prime position to win the Big 12 after that wild finish against TCU
  5. Auburn- They now find themselves out of the playoff at the moment after the fiasco this weekend against Mississippi State
  6. Notre Dame- Loser in the Florida State –Notre Dame game this weekend falls out of the National Championship picture.
  7. Oregon- They will win the Pac-12 as a consolation prize
  8. Michigan State- They almost pulled the “oops” game last weekend.
  9. Marshall- The quietest unbeaten left.
10. Alabama- I’m not impressed with the Tide this season at all. If Brandon Allen’s arm was a little stronger, they would have lost again last weekend.
11. Georgia- The Bulldogs keep on trucking along.
12 TCU- Well it was fun while it lasted.
13. Arizona- The luck finally ran out for the luckiest team in America..
14. Oklahoma- This appears to be another dull season for the Sooners and yet another Fiesta Bowl invite.
15. Washington- First place in the Pac-12 is on the line this weekend against Oregon.
16. Ohio State- Here come the Buckeyes. They might just pull this off after all.
17. Kansas State- Will probably have to settle for the Cotton Bowl.
18. Georgia Tech- Needs to get back on tract after the Duke loss.
19. Nebraska- They are gunning for either the Rose Bowl or the Capital One Bowl at this point
20. Duke- Probably the one of the stories of the season so far. This Duke team is 5-1.
21. Minnesota- In prime position to win the Big Ten right now.
22. Oklahoma State- this may be the quietest team in the country right now.
23. Rutgers- Not much to say about this team.
24. East Carolina- A lot of offense, and no defense.
25. Kentucky- 5-1 right now, which is why I rank them.

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