Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Badgers Part Of Conference Championship Weekend 2014

Badgers Championship Game
Well, we have reached the final week of the college football season, also known as “Conference Championship Saturday” and there is plenty left to be decided as far as the playoffs are concerned, meaning the final four teams that will get to play for the national championship. So lets take a look at these games

Arizona and Oregon, PAC-12 Championship- For Oregon, this one is very simple, they win, their in. Arizona has been really lucky at time this season, luck like that usually runs out in the big moments. This should be an easy win for the Ducks.

Iowa State and TCU- This one is not a conference championship game, but this one does have national championship implications. TCU has no choice but to win this game, and they must win convincingly. Fortunately, that should happen. I expect TCU to win by several scores.

Kansas State and Baylor- This is another huge game with playoff implications. This is a chance against a great team for Baylor to make a statement and sneak in to the playoffs. Final score, Baylor by three.

Florida State and Georgia Tech, ACC Championship- Despite being the defending national champions, despite carrying the nations longest win streak, the Seminoles currently sit number three in the polls. This can be a good game if the Yellow jackets can control the clock early and prevent the Seminoles from getting up early. Still, I expect the Seminoles to win this game by two scores.

Wisconsin and Ohio State, Big Ten Championship - Oh the Gophers are getting closer to winning that game against the Badgers every year. But, the Badgers prevailed and they will take on Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship game. J.T. Barrett will miss this game as well as the postseason for the Buckeyes, so it is going to take a great gameplan for them to win this game. Badgers should win this game.

Alabama and Missouri, SEC Championship - This one may turn out to be the blowout of the day. I do not see how Missouri can win this game. Final score, Alabama with the mercy rule.

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