Thursday, September 24, 2015

NCAA Football Top 25 in Week Four | Badgers Miss the Cut

 1. TCU- Need to start playing some defense soon or they are going to lose some games in conference play.
 2. Michigan State- "Sparty" has the signature win of 2015 so far, at home over Oregon.
 3. Georgia- In my opinion, this has been the most impressive team so far.
 4. Mississippi- They took advantage of five turnovers last Saturday en route to a 43-37 win in Alabama. The Crimson Tide still have no quarterback.
 5. Clemson- Hanging in there, but not looking too impressive out of the gate.
 6. LSU- Awesome start to the season for Leonard Fournette.
 7. Florida State- This defense has looked good so far. But can the offense score enough points?
 8. Utah- Look out for this Utah team, seriously. Their special teams are insane.
 9. Arizona- So far, so good for the Wildcats in 2015.
10. Oklahoma- Baker Mayfield is off to a terrific start at his new school.
11. Ohio State- Yes, this is a big drop for them, but honestly, this team has looked just plain AWFUL. As soon as they play a quarterback with a pulse they are going to lose. Michigan State is going to absolutely destroy these Buckeyes in November at the rate Ohio State is playing at right now.
12. Alabama- The Crimson Tide still doesn’t have a quarterback and could be in for a few more losses this season unless one steps up quick.
13. UCLA- I have been impressed with the play of freshman quarterback Josh Rosen so far.
14. California- Jared Goff is a beast and is turning himself into a number one overall draft choice.
15. Oklahoma State- I still remember that famous day Mike Gundy blew up at that reporter. Since that day, this program has taken off.
16. Baylor- The Bears have looked below average, well below average so far, which is why I drop them.
17. Northwestern- This Wildcat team has put together a pair of solid wins so far- against Stanford and against Duke this last weekend.
18. Texas A&M- Well so far, the two quarterback system is working in College Station. Not sure how long because this usually never works for a full season.
19. Missouri- This team has looked really bad so far, which is why they've been passed up by so many in this poll.
20. Oregon- I knew this team wasn't that good to begin the season.
21. Iowa- This season has been classic Hawkeye football. That is a good sign going forward.
22. Notre Dame- The Irish are walking a fine line between being good, and being lucky so far in 2015.
23. Texas Tech- The Red Raiders are scoring a lot of points, as usual, and as usual, playing very little defense also.
24. Kansas State- Wonder how long Bill Synder can keep going in his return to coaching.
25. Temple- The Owls are off to a very nice 3-0 start.

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