Friday, October 30, 2015

Wisconsin Badgers Need a New Quarter Back As Soon As Possible

Badgers Joel Stave
For his career, current Badgers starting quarterback Joel Stave has a record of 23-8. He has a completion percentage of 59.7, 5,614 passing yards, 43 touchdowns, and 28 interceptions. Just for the record, that is a very poor touchdown to interception ratio. At the core, other than the interceptions, the numbers aren't exactly the worst out there. However, in the world of collegiate athletics, it is a known fact that you need to look underneath the numbers in order to get the truth. By looking both underneath and past the numbers, we find the ugly truth here, Joel Stave is just, plain, terrible.

There are many throws that Stave can't make. I know, I know, at the collegiate level that is to be expected, as most quarterbacks will never play a down in the NFL much less start at the next level, so you can't expect them to be able to make “all the throws”. But still, your quarterback should contribute to your win, or at the very least not get in the way. That is where we have a problem with Stave. Joel Stave doesn't really contribute much to Badgers wins. In fact, the Badgers usually win in spite of Stave getting in the way many times of their attempt to win the game with his poor decisions, and inability to make throws. At this point, you could even ask the question, is Joel Stave improving? Well, not only is he not improving, he seems to be getting worse and worse.

Last year the Badgers tried to switch quarterbacks to TannerMcEvoy, but that didn't work. McEvoy was even worse than Stave. By the way, McEvoy is no longer a quarterback. He is now playing wide receiver and safety. Still, the Badgers have other quarterbacks who deserve a shot with as bad as Stave has been. Last Saturday Stave got hurt with a strange head injury, and Bart Houston entered the game. He played perhaps better than Stave has in quite some time. He should be the starter now. If he falters, there is mega talented redshirt freshman D.J. Gillins from Jacksonville, FL, who is too talented to ignore. They could also try Thad Armstrong, a junior from Ottawa, Illinois, if they wanted to.

The bottom line is there is no reason Stave shouldn't be anywhere other than buried on the depth chart at this point. He has had plenty of chances and has done nothing but play poorly.

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